Vi utvecklar VisitLog besökssystem!

New version of VisitLog Visitor System

Now we have released a new version of VisitLog Visitor System. In addition to the system's powerful features, we've added a few more. The new features are:

  • Support for more WiFi systems
  • Possibility to send an automatic reminder to a visitor who has been pre-booked in the system at a certain time before the visit.
  • More opportunities in the question module
  • Improved "touchscreen" function with the ability to move flags for login languages ​​etc.
  • Extended search for visitor recipients with search for host with photos. The search results appear on the visitor kiosk to help the visitor identify the recipient.
  • More options to import hosts from file or external systems.
  • More options to design the print tray

Our policy is to develop with short development cycles, about 1-2 months. We do this so that our customers' wishes should never be far from a live version. We make sure to always hear what our customers need and change. To then be able to put it in our to do list and get it as soon as possible.

VisitLog has now grown and is currently available in 20 countries around the world, from China to the USA and Africa. The system is available in seven languages ​​and another 5 languages ​​are planned.

Visitor system for increased service and safety

Introducing visitor systems in the reception, helps you to get control of all visitors by registering in the system. VisitLog can then send out notifications via SMS and e-mail to the visitor recipient. Using a visitor system increases security and relieves reception staff.

The unique visitor badge gives all employees in the company visible information to be able to check and respond to the visitor, with personal quality. VisitLog, which is one of the market's most affordable visitor systems, replaces visitor books and creates better control with higher security and overall quality in the organization. You install VisitLog in the reception and get a simple and safe handling of all visitors.

RIW Software Techn AB are specialists in system solutions and products that provide increased control and quality. RIW Software develops and markets systems for small, medium and large companies and organizations.

We work closely with partners in most areas. Our systems allow you to choose what suits your organization or company best. We make sure you have an independent system that you can trust.

Feel free to contact us with ideas for further development or if you have thoughts about the current system.

RIW Software Techn AB

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