What is the best visitor management system used to track visitors moving both into and out of a property?

Now that you have decided to go for a Visitor Management System on your own premises, we would definitely suggest you to go with VisitLog. At present, it’s the best and most affordable in the market. As you are running a business or working with premises, any planning is always done considered future growth. VisitLog is a Visitor Registration System, which will take care of both present and future requirements with active customization options. We are proud to say that VisitLog is used by highly reputed companies all over the world.

Here’s why we think VisitLog is the best Visitor Management System in the market.

VisitLog Top 10 Features

  1. Possible to register visitors ahead of time - quick and easy
  2. Personalized notification via email or text message to the guest and host
  3. Easy access for management to view the guest log and assigned host at anytime
  4. Visitor Badge Printing made attractively and easy customizable maintaining the reputation of your company.
  5. Possible to look up visitors who booked online.
  6. Smart System - scanning visitors driving license, passport, and visiting card filling in all details in the system. Enabling man power to concentrate on better management and maintain security.
  7. Visitor’s Registration Kiosk is highly adaptable with any printer, bar code readers, cameras, scanners, and signature pads.
  8. Repeated visitors have easy signing in procedure.
  9. If your company is spread across the world, or in many different locations you will be delighted to use VisitLog with easy online booking feature through mobile and web.
  10. Authenticate each entry before registration with our unique mobile number verification process and boost the security of your premises instantly.

We don’t use the name Visitor Registration System, we choose to call it Visitor Management System since it covers over all aspects of managing visitors and also the visitor security in a company.

Above all, using VisitLog you can be sure of added reputation to your company. Switch from those boring register books or computer entries to smart iPads to make you stand out and be up to date.

You are more than welcome to test our software Visitlog for a 30 day free trial.

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