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VisitLog version 5.5 out now

New version 5.5

Many of the functions that were released in 5.0 have also been updated and improved in this version. Hence, some functions may appear in both documents.

Home screen mode with icons: VisitLog can now be configured with icons on a home screen to more easily guide the visitor what to do. They click on the appropriate icon and follow step by step.

Connection to parking services: Now it is possible to connect VisitLog directly to the parking lot's parking service. The information entered by the visitor automatically creates a parking permit in e.g. ParkIT.

Queue function: From version 5.5 there are two ways to integrate and manage queues in VisitLog.

SimpleQ: This is the simplest variant where VisitLog only creates a running queue number. With the add-on product Queue number sign and queue number feeder, you can easily take care of a queue with this function.
VisitQ: Here it is an integration with the queue system VisitQ (www.visitqueue.com). It is a proprietary cloud/web-based system that can handle unlimited queues and case types, a full-scale queue system.
Web kiosk: If necessary, VisitLog can be set up for web-based kiosk login for visitors. This web kiosk works on all operating systems via the computer's browser.

Self-service with visitor requests: Visitlog can now handle direct requests from visitors who come to visit. The visitor recipient confirms an email from the system and the visitor receives a PIN code to log in.

Corporate hotel: Visitlog has more functions for adaptations to corporate hotels where several companies share a visitor kiosk. Possibility of different appearances of the visitor label per company, unique evacuation lists and self-formulated messages.

Changes/additions version 5.5

Door opener I/O: Improved door opener function that supports IP based relays where you can open different doors when the visit registers.

Built-in keyboard, more languages: Additional Italian and Polish

Connection to Kontek: Get checked-in employees automatically in VisitLog and manage both visitors and employees in the same evacuation list: Mail, SMS or via the mobile app.

Connection to eMarketeer: Option to automatically transfer data from VisitLog to eMarketeer, e.g. email address, mobile number, etc.

Link to Trio Enghouse: Now we have created a predefined setting/link to retrieve visitor recipients from Trio Enghouse.

Login and logout sounds: Possibility to change and/or add your own sounds for login and logout with QR code and scanner.

Connection to VisitFeedback: Option to connect to the customer satisfaction service VisitFeedback. When the visitor checks out, an SMS can be sent with a link to fill in how the visit was experienced. (External application, for more info contact RIW Software)

Hardware/kiosk: We now have more kiosks to choose from, contact us and you will find out what suits your business best.

Already existing good functions

Multiple messages at login/logout: VisitLog now offers multiple messages at login/logout. Message to visitor recipient when logging in, Message to visitor recipient when logging out, Message to visitor when logging in and Message to visitor when logging out

Multiple messages when reminded: Messages with a QR code are now sent as both confirmation to visitors and visitor recipients at the time of pre-booking and as a reminder at a specified time before the actual visit takes place.

Pre-book groups with BankID: Now it is possible to pre-book and have visitors verified with bank ID. External web application etc. Contact for a quote.
Additional functions

Online booking

Improvements: The web booking application now includes several performance and security improvements. Encrypted database string

Change password: The web booking now supports changing passwords.

Mobile application

New version with several new functions: In addition to the previous evacuation list, it is now also possible to: Pre-book visitors, Log out visitors and View parking list

Authorization: Under user roles, there is the option to grant authorization to what the mobile user should be able to see.

Welcome page

There are now many more versions of the Welcome page. We can also adapt the appearance exactly to your wishes.
Outlook prebooking plug-in
Ability to edit details, add mobile number. Ability to retrieve pre-booked visitors for a meeting to delete or change them. Compatible with Outlook 2013 and later.

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