Visitor Management

Visitor Management Software

Visitlog is the competent and advanced Visitor Management Software developed by RIW Software Technology AB. The Visitor Management Software will allow the company executives to administer visits and visitors, meeting and conference rooms, user rights, other amenities like visitor's history, parking facility and endorsements. It will also keep a track of the whereabouts of each visitor and host throughout the day and accordingly, record the details in a corporate file. This Visitor Management Software also manages to print an identity badge for a visitor to enter the premises, thus, reducing the receptionist's workload because Visitlog will manage to track every visitor's record, virtually. It will also automatically create the list of the current number of visitors in the company for the emergency, if arises any. This Visitor Management Software is managed with the help other integrated software like MS Exchange Server, Active Directory Server, MS Outlook and BookitWise.

Vistior Management

Managing the tasks with the help of systems and software has been proved more effective then doing the same, manually. Visitlog's Visitor Management Software is designed to keep a constant watch on every individual that is present in the premises for the duration. With this type of Visitor Management Software, no unwanted people can enter the premises. It will help to maintain security and decorum in the company.

Also, Visitlog is the flexible software which could be customized according to the client company's requirements. Required SMS and E-mail notifications are sent and security managers are always updated about the number of people in the premises so that it becomes easy for them to evacuate the building in case of an emergency. This Visitor Management Software is, thus, reliable, time-saving and effective.

Print Visitor labels

  • Visitlog does have a feature of providing the customers with the identity label which gives an authority to a visitor to enter any part of the premises.
  • Only printer connection is required to print these labels.
  • These printed labels will also mention the company's brand that will maintain the name of the company in the eye of the visitors.

Dynamic visitors list

  • Receptionists or managers can easily get the visitors' list including details like their name, company's name and name of the host, as and when required. (e.g., visitor name, visitor company and host ).
  • The schedule of meetings or events is redesigned whenever pre-registration of guests is done.

Emergency List

  • The visitors' list that is taken from the system could be used because that particular list is considered by the security managers in case of any emergency.
  • Managers will have an emergency list, where, all the emergency contacts are mentioned for any kind of emergency that might have occurred. e.g. Fire or any Natural Disaster
  • Visitlog also provides the facility to send notification messages to host, informing about the emergency, if arisen.

More Features To Reduce Overall Work


Parking Facilities

This Visitor Management Software provides Car Parking Management as well. Only registration number is required to use this amenity of car parking. Hence, a parking badge is printed and registration number is recorded in the system.


Executes Checkout

Executes checkout is an important feature since it notifies the receptionist whether the visitor has checked out from the system as well as premises. If an individual forgets to sign-out then visitlog let the concerned person of the company perform this activity of logging out on visitor's behalf.


Emergency Visitor list

Emergency Visitors' List is very much helpful during an emergency because this list is the only source with the help of which the receptionist or security managers can evacuate the premises as quick as possible. Emergencies that could arise are fire breakout or other natural disasters. This emergency list is mailed to all the hosts in the company along with other managers and executives present in the premises.


Tracking & Reporting

Track the number of people present in the premises and prepare a report of the same. This tracking and reporting includes the check-in as well as check-out time of the visitor. Apart from that, the visitor's details, his/ her unique barcode number, visit date, purpose of the visit, is all mentioned. These reports are very much useful to maintain the visitors; history.



The visitor’s status is printed on the identity badge which gives an approval to the visitor of entering the premises and use the resources as per the user's rights.


Managing Multiple Jobs

Visitlog's Visitor Management Software handles multiple tasks efficiently which will not only reduce the human workload but is cost-effective as well as time-saving.

Visitor Management

Visitlog Visitor Management software has another feature of integrating with other software like Microsoft Outlook, Exchange Server and MS Active Directory Server. These software will help in importing the list of database that the company has it in the system. With this database, it gets relatively easy to perform the multiple tasks that the visitlog does.


Also, Visitlog is integrated with another product of RIW Software Technology which is BookitWise. With the help of BookitWise Software, the clients can book meeting rooms or conference rooms if they wish to perform any important meeting with their valued clients. Along with rooms, other resources that the client desires to us could also be booked. Visitlog is integrated with BookitWise, in a way, that Visitlog will keep a track whether the expected guests have arrived or not. Hence, everything is done via software which is considered more reliable these days.

Additional Features

  • Visitor’s history could be viewed through fundamental reports
  • Provides Wi-Fi Access, if demanded.
  • Important Notifications are deliverd.
  • Integrated with Active directory for checking the number of  visits
  • Customization as per client company's objectives.
  • Monitors and tracks the visitor’s status e.g. sign-in & sign-out time.
  • Pre-registration is allowed and is displayed on the registration kiosk.
  • Less time-consuming, very much reliable and reduces task load.