Version 4.6 VisitLog News

We will soon release VisitLog version 4.6

New features that we are pleased to introduce to our customers.

Below are some of the new features.

Outlook / Exchange integration: Users can now pre-book their visit to the system directly through Outlook / Exchange. This feature is compatible with Office 365 & Exchange 2013.

Improved communication options via sms: VisitLog now offers the opportunity to communicate via sms to both visitors and visitor recipients from the manager application.

AD LDS import: VisitLog now supports import of visitor recipients via AD LDS

Emergency list sms: Now it is possible to send a sms message in case of emergency to the visitors who are logged in and who have provided their mobile number.

Connection with the room booking system BOOK: An API has been developed to handle all types of integrations via web services. Visitors receive a message with a QR code which they then use to log in with the visitor's kiosk and ticket is printed. Visitors are also automatically registered arrival in BOOKA.

In addition to new features, we have made some changes and improvements.
Visitor Recipients: There are now opportunities to turn off "Suggest Visitor Recipients"

Emergency list mail: The list can now be sent individually or grouped from each location with a custom message and recipient.

Manual logout: Function for manually logging out visitors by entering the name of the kiosk.

More of the news and improvements will be uploaded in a document at the same time as version 4.6 is released.

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