VisitLog is a very good visitor management software

VisitLog has helped us to get a better overview of our visitors and it's very easy to get statistics at who is receiving visit and who is not. Our managers are very pleased with this solution and overview.

Sabrina Romanova, Reception at Rahmqvist AB

This is the first software for visitors in Meda so we have nothing to compare with, but so far so good.

Kerstin Östholm Ferngren, Receptionist (consultant) at Meda AB

Very good

A proffessional way to register visitors. Cons: that it looks like it ok to write the hosts name your self instead of choosing from list. Not possible to sign in then and everything gets erased when you try again. Overall à very good system!

Sandra Fromm, Reception at Renault Nordic AB

I think the system is generally well developed, but when problems arise, I have to take the help of IT support. Sometimes things disappear from the program. Think that this system is much better than what I’ve had before.

Emma Nyström, Receptionist at Stockholms läns landsting
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