Quick 5 Advantages of Visitor Management System

Visitor management system, many call it as an electronic visitor book, but it is much more than what it is described. When we sit to describe the advantages of visitor management system, it is taking 5 out of 5 points as a winner compared to older age registration books lying outside of the company. I still remember some cases, where paper torn and records gone. So let us take a dig into Quick 5 Advantages of Visitor Management System.

  1. Accuracy of data: You can find actual data of the number of people visited with every detail. There is no chance of any person missing in the records. Government approved identity card of the visitor is scanned into the system and license number is taken, which leaves no chance of false identity. It also increases productivity of the person at the reception and at the same time, saves time for the visitor and the meeting person from the company.
  2. Storage of data: Entire data are stored in a centralized system. This enables the centralized monitoring system to search, analyze, sort, and retrieve the data in the system. Reports can be generated easily about any visitor, who has frequently visited the premises. You can also see when the visitor is signed in and sign out. In case of evacuation, you can get easily get the details of the visitors present in the building.
  3. Fast sign in procedure: Entire process of visitor data records becomes fast. Even after process of creating records, checking procedure also becomes easy. There is no need of manual entry of data during next visits. Scanning of the card has also reduced the time of noting details. Sign in from web based software has made it easy to directly collect Visitor badge through the visitor registration system.
  4. Photo id: Registration book can never give a photo identity badge every time and it becomes a costly affair for the organization. But with a visitor registration system, kiosk at the reception does it all. It creates a one time record of id details and photograph of the visitor. A badge is printed along with photos and details, which makes it very easy for other members to verify the identity of a person.
  5. The brand value of the company: The additional cherry on the ice cream is, it creates a value for the company. The way entire system is designed, photo identity, card scanning, the genuine visitor returns with a smart image of the company. The web based registration is also one of the lucrative feature to beat the drum about the company’s intention to give the best value environment to the staff. Just think how it would look if there is a line at the reception just to register their name to meet someone on the premises.

So out and out visitor registration system is full on benefit to the company. One time investment can lead to a long time service with life long relationship.

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