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Visitor Management is an effective system maintained electronically and is used to record the visitor's whereabouts. Visitlog is one of best and affordable visitor system being developed by RIW Software Technology in Sweden. It is a system for Visitor Registration and Visitor Management where the host company is able to keep a record of all the visitors visiting the premises.

Visitor Registration here refers to the self-registration to be done on kiosk by the visitor using the source of technology provided at the reception area. After the self-registration process is done, the visitor gets the printed badge, displaying his summary, as his identity to enter/ exit the premises. The completion of the process notifies the host about the guest/ visitor via SMS or E-mail. This type of system also helps in maintaining the security of the company, to ensure that the premises are not visited by the undesired people.

Visitor Management System is an effective system which tracks the visitor's history, their parking needs, visitor's rights, etc. This ultimately reduces the workload of the receptionist, allowing him/her to focus on other work.  Visitlog provides 30 days trial period to get acquainted to the usage of software, making it easy for the user to determine whether he/she should buy the software or not. It provides packages according to customer's needs and wants. We provide sources of visitor management system including Asus Computer Screen, Zebra label/ Badge printer, Motorola Scanner, Software, Plastic pockets, etc.

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