New version of VisitLog Visitor Management System

Visitlog always striving to provide the very best to all our clients. In order to do so we constantly make sure our research and development are up to date with the latest functions that benefits the end user. We are now releasing a new version of our popular Visitor Managent Software - Visit Log. We have added to the efficiency of VisitLog management system by adding some features and making the previous one better than ever.

Here’s a brief introduction of the newly introduced features:

  1. VisitLog now support more WiFi systems
  2. Auto alarm alert sends a reminder a few minutes before the meeting to the pre-booked members
  3. More filters in the query module
  4. Improved "touch screen" function with possibility to move the language “flag”
  5. Expanded search function – Search for the host with photo
  6. Upgraded search at both management console and visitor kiosk
  7. More options to import from the hosts file or external systems
  8. More customization features to design the print tray

Our development cycle is customized as per clients wish. Bridging the gap between customer’s requirement and the final product outcome is our continuous endeavor. This means there is an upgrade introduction about every second month. When you are our client, you can be completely reassured we keep up with new upcoming features in the market. Please just let us know your special requirement and we will be at work to develop a system as per your need.

VisitLog has grown and is now currently used in 20 countries worldwide, from China to the United States and Africa. The system is available in seven languages ​​and another five languages ​​are planned.

Visitor Registration System for Enhanced Service and Security

  1. Through the management console, you can get control of all visitors in the premises registered through visitor registration kiosk.
  2. VisitLog can then send out alerts via SMS and e-mails to the visitors registred host.
  3. The use of a visit system will increase safety and sure to make the reception staff more efficient.
    The unique visitor badge gives all employees in the company visible information to monitor and respond to the visitor.
  4. VisitLog is one of the most affordable visit management software replaces visit books and other out dated systems and gives a better control with higher reliability and overall quality of the organization. From the very moment you install VisitLog visitor management system you will get an easy and safe handling of all your visitors.

RIW Software Technology specializes in system solutions and products that provide increased control and quality for companies. We develop and market systems for small, medium, large enterprises and organizations.

We work closely with partners in most areas and our  many systems allows you to choose the best module that suits your organization or company best. We make sure you have an independently customizable system that you can rely on.

Please contact us with ideas for further development or if you have any questions about the current system.

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