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VisitLog is a modern Visitor Management Software for visitor registration and visitor management statistics. With features including tracking and reporting, pre-register, E-mail & SMS notifications, customized kiosk design, emergency reporting and printing of visitor badges, parking labels and Wi-fi access to your visitors and hosts.

Download the new version of VisitLog 5.5 and try it out for 30 days. To download our free trial version click below to receive a mail with the download link.

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VisitLog 5.5 new functions

  • Connection to the VisitQ queuing system. Here it is an integration with the queue system VisitQ ( It is a proprietary cloud/web-based system that can handle unlimited queues and case types, a full-scale queue system.
  • Connection to parking services: Now it is possible to connect VisitLog directly to the parking lot's parking service. The information entered by the visitor automatically creates a parking permit in e.g. ParkIT.
  • Language extensions for Italian and Polish
  • Link to Trio Enghouse: Now we have created a predefined setting/link to retrieve visitor receivers from Trio Enghouse.
  • New model of our floor-standing kiosk VL022 (Slightly simpler, slightly smaller space and lower price)

VisitLog 4.6 New Features 

VisitLog 4.6 contains a large number of new features and improvements. We have invested in more features in the mobile app and more integration possibilities for external systems

  • The mobile app now supports evacuation list, pre-book visitors, log out visitors, parking list
  • VisitLog offers the opportunity to communicate via sms to both visitors and visitor recipients from the manager application
  • Users can now pre-book their visit to the system via Outlook/Exchange
  • Ability to set up different surveys for both language and location
  • Additions for Danish, Finnish and German keyboards in VisitLog kiosk mode



New Version of VisitLog 4.0

Some of the new features with VistLog 4.0:

  • Wifi connection to create guest account (Support for Active Directory, Meru and Cisco).
  • Ability to create long term login with end date/time.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for the main functions.
  • Doorway operation upon successful login/logout.
  • Ability to search and show host from the overview page.
  • More editing functions on the visitor badge (bold, centering, etc).
  • Possibility of more templates for visitor-labels.
  • Function to suggest visitors who were previously logged-in VisitLog.
  • Improved logging and security of email and sms function.
  • Excel import of hosts, pre-booked visitors and visitors.
  • Add more fields/properties on the visitors and host. 
  • Ability to view more information about visitors and hosts in the reception program.
  • Web based moderation page to view current visits in the building.
  • Web pre-booking with more fields and the ability to search and modify advanced bookings.
  • Support for additional languages ​​(English & Swedish).