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Visitor Management System Enhances Company Safety

When you are in a certain business, you have to be extra careful. Not only a business, but also old age home or child day care, in the present time, needs an extra attention and alertness. You can not expect a person to be alert 24*7. For this, only machine or software, can be relied on. The question of how you can declare your premises safe will arise. How you can create an environment, which is totally carefree and safe for the people working and visiting inside the premises. For this, you need to rely on smart technology. And the name of this technology is: visitor management system. RIW Software Technology is one of the leading names in providing the best in class visitor management system used all over the world, called VisitLog Visitor Management System.

Let us have a look at some of the features of VisitLog software that enhances the safety of the people in the premises.

  1. The visitor management system is well equipped with details of the employees and the visitors as well. It bears the photo of the visitor, whosoever is planning to visit, immediate update notification is sent to the person, to whom he is visiting and a certain time frame of the visit. This way, it makes it very clear that everyone in the premises are there for a purpose or in reference of one or other responsible person.
  2. It is next to impossible to maintain a log that is perfect in every aspect manually. A system that is very well linked with security cameras, visitor registration kiosk and the management console is very much required to deliver a perfect secure environment. Even in the long run, this information can be very useful and it’s just a click away.
  3. Privacy of records: This is a kind of professional lookout. Not everyone is aware who is coming into the building nor should they be bothered with the list of entrants in the building. The one person who is aware of everything is the person at management console. At the max, if it is necessary to verify, visitor management badge, printed at the visitor registration kiosk, is there to check out on the go.
  4. Real time update: With VisitLog visitor management system, a real time update is sent to the concerned person, to whom a visitor is planning to visit. This, in a way, is an alert to the person, to be present at the time of the visit or if fake name is given, then to alert the security team for total verification.
  5. By ensuring such security features, you are building an overall safe environment, which ultimately results in a happy working environment for the staff and a sense of security also to the visitor.
  6. Time saving: It optimizes the working ability of the staff at the reception and at the management console.

Though the visitor management system is not a replacement of security assistance, security cameras, employee accessibility, it works as an overall enhancement of security of your premises and ensures smooth operations at all times. Not only with security features, but also an ease of management of people entering the premises. You can truly rely on Visitlog to have the best secure environment for your company.